At Epsom Eyecare we offer the following services:

Comprehensive eye examinations
Ocular Health and Ocular Medicines Prescriber
Dilated fundus examinations
Contact lens fittings
Driver licence screening
Visual field testing
Children’s vision and behavioural optometry
Sports vision
Low vision assessments
Domiciliary/ Rest Home Visits

New to the practice – On-site glazing facility

Ocular Health and Ocular Medicines Prescriber

Like your family doctor our therapeutic optometrists have additional training and may prescribe you medications to treat a range of eye conditions from allergies, infections, inflammations, glaucoma and other red eyes.

Our optometrist, Robert, was also one of the first optometrists in the country to be approved to treat glaucoma.

Visit our eye health page to learn more.

Dilated Fundus Examinations

A dilated fundus exam involved instilling drops into the eye making the pupil bigger allowing the optometrist a better view and they can see further out into the periphery of the eye.


Reasons to get dilated include: high myopia, diabetes, high blood pressure, macular degeneration and glaucoma.


After the dilating drops have been instilled, you will have trouble seeing up close for 2 hours and your pupils will be dilated and sensitive to light for 6 hours.


Sunglasses are recommended following the procedure.

Contact Lens Fitting

A contact lens fitting requires you to have a eye exam first to assess the suitability to wear contact lenses.


Following the eye examinations, the optometrist will take some measurements of your cornea to allow us to calculate the required curvature of the contact lenses. Once a suitable lens option has been selected the optometrist will fit them onto the eye and check the fit.


The complete contact lens fitting will require a teach on how to insert and remove the contacts followed by an aftercare visit.


We are registered ACC providers and can assess and provide the appropriate treatment whether you have a foreign body in the eye or if you had an injury to the eye or surrounding area.

A referral from your general practitioner or healthcare professional is not needed.

Driver Licence Screening


If you require a new driver’s licence, we can provide you with an eyesight certificate for your application provided you meet the current driving standard.


A full eye exam will be needed if you do not meet the driving standard.

Visual Field Tests

Visual field test measures your peripheral vision and can detect diseases of your optic nerve, retina and even your brain.


During the test, you will look at a fixed spot in your central vision and press a button whenever you see a flash of light in your field of view.

Children’s Vision and Behavioural Optometry

80% of a children’s learning is visual. We can check your child’s vision and ensure their learning isn’t disrupted.

On the other hand, your child may see clearly, but experiences difficulty with their visual tasks such as reading affecting their academic progress. Behavioral optometry is a specialty area which examines the visual system as a whole, investigating the speed and accuracy of eye movements, visual memory/recall and spatial awareness, to help with their learning and developing.

A subsidy is available for children under 16 if you have a valid community services card or high health user’s card. Ask us for more information.

Low Vision Assessment

Certain eye conditions can lead to reduced vision or even permanent blindness. We offer low vision assessments and can help you achieve your goals with the help of low vision aids or other devices.

Domiciliary/ Rest Home Visits

Ideally eye examinations are conducted in our office as many of the instruments we use are large and bulky. But if you are housebound, have serious mobility problems or any other reason where you are unable to come to the practice, we are able to provide a domiciliary service and visit you at your home or rest home.