Eye Health & Medicines

Are your eyes red, sore, and have blurry vision? Do you see flashing lights and spots in your vision? There are many possible causes for this, ranging from mild conditions to more serious and vision threatening.

Good eye health is more than just having perfect 20/20 vision.

red eye infection
Optometrists who have undergone the additional therapeutic training can prescribe medications to treat a range of red eye conditions including dry eyes, allergies, infections and inflammations.

Changes to the Medicines Act in 2005 have enabled optometrists to prescribe such medications. Currently in New Zealand not all optometrists are qualified to do this. By 2023 the target is for all New Zealand optometrists to be therapeutically qualified.

You will receive expert eye care at our practice as our optometrist Gina, was awarded a Bachelor of Optometry (with honours) with a therapeutic qualification from the University of Auckland.

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